Concert Review: Medasin

Seeing a live performance is a great experience, but when every act is the same a listener is left with not much to say about the acts. I attended a show at the Westcott Theater where Medasin was the headlining act, the openers gave me something to talk about it. The first 3 performances form H0RCH, Weiss Wersa, and HICK3Y were all playing a collective of Trap, Dubstep, and other EDM music styles that didn’t leave much room for personality or uniqueness in their performance or sound. A problem in modern music that I see every day, what makes these few people different from everyone else playing the same material? What makes a record label or listener like me view these acts as something people are interested in listening to or even worth signing? The answer is nothing and while H0RCH seemed to have some sort of following, he still did not differ as much from the other three, even

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Beware Of This Coming Sunday

I’ve been busy trying to see how I’m gonna review this… well… great album. And I’ve got a few videos I’m working on currently, one reflecting the AMA’s so that will be great… just know there will be wholesome content on Sunday. I work three jobs, college, musician, and now writer/blogger so bear with me. In the meantime, my friend drew me and the WordPress customization isn’t working for me so I’ll post it here for now.