Chart Reviews: Mid-October 2018 Top 50

So here is a little series ill be doing every few weeks or so, called Chart Reviews, which will focus on the top 50 songs on the Billboard charts of the week of the post. There will be one every few weeks or every month since, in 2018, the charts don’t really change so frequently and there’s also the fact that I hate, let me repeat myself here, I absolutely despise looking at the charts because of the mass majority of the songs being mediocre to god awful tracks that shouldn’t be where they are. A perfect example is at number one this week, and oh boy I can’t wait to break my keyboard typing that up. No more delaying, run it… At #50 we have Falling Down by Lil Peep & XXXtentacion… I’m so glad this track is falling off the charts. It’s not that I dislike the artists involved but it’s just a really bad track and if

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