Vince Staples and JPEGMAFIA Concert Review

A couple of months ago I attended a Vince Staples and JPEGMAFIA concert, both of which I am a fan of. Their most recent releases I have very positive opinions of and was pretty excited to see how Peggy performs live. It was also my second time seeing Vince, I went to see Tyler, the Creator live a year ago and Vince might have co-headlined the tour. An artist by the name of Kotari Walker opened the night up, he played probably 5 songs that really were not that memorable and maybe 3 minutes long max. This guy spent more time talking to the crowd about how he became a rapper and his brother’s death than playing anything that makes him distinct. The highlight of the night for me was JPEGMAFIA, whose latest album Veteran I gave album of the year for 2018. I now have a vinyl copy the album signed twice which is pretty great, the vinyl is

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Ambient Music Event @ Le Moyne: Review

During the last semester, I attended an ambient music event held at Le Moyne College. The event was hosted by Edward Ruchalski and Anirban Acharya who performed what was essentially an ambient jam session. Personally, I found the event to be very interesting as it’s not every day I get to see an ambient jam session, let alone an ambient performance at all. Ambient music isn’t commercial which leads to many people labeling it as obscure and not being aware of what the genre has to offer. When speaking with Ed and Anirban, we discussed a few artists in the genre such as Apex Twin, Jon Hopkins, and Max Richter.   To discuss how the jam session worked, Anirban would slow down songs using his wide variety of equipment and vinyl records. I cannot pinpoint what he was using exactly, however, the vinyl he had at the time pulled from a variety of different genres. I’ve been told he has

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Rock Ensemble @ Le Moyne: Concert Review

About a week ago, I was invited to watch the Rock Ensemble at Le Moyne perform a handful of songs that they have been rehearsing for some time now. Unfortunately, I couldn’t stay for the entire performance, however, the small bit I was able to see sounded pretty great.   There is one issue I personally had at the performance, the cello and violin were drowned out by the guitars and percussion. Throughout the entire first song, I could watch these instrumentalists play the songs on their instruments but, not hear a single note from them. My seat was placed directly in front of them and a speaker, neither of which made any real difference. This was most likely a technical difficulty and doesn’t bug me enough to say anything bad about the show because I did enjoy what I was hearing. A student by the name of Sebastian killed it on guitar, anyone that hears him play can easily

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