Deep Purple

Deep Purple is a rock band from England formed in 1968 who went on to be pioneers in the hard rock and heavy metal movement in the early 1970’s and one of the most influential bands of all time. Planned to be a supergroup of musicians who could come and go as they please, Chris Curtis used networking to find musicians who were willing to be apart of this. Curtis, formerly of The Searchers, recruited Jon Lord, Nick Simper, Carlo Little, and most notably Ritchie Blackmore. Blackmore was known for his studio work with other groups, such as the southern rock act The Outlaws. The Group would switch out musicians until early 1968 when Ian Price and Rod Evans joined the group solidifying the lineup and removing Curtis. The line up would consist of Jon Lord on the organ, Ian Price on drums, Rod Evans on vocals, Nick Simper on bass, and Ritchie Blackmore on guitar. The band’s’ debut album

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Mashup Review… Not Good Releases

So a handful of artists and albums are gonna be mentioned here and none of which are really good projects. First of is a mediocre to decent project from Metro Boomin, Not All Heroes Wear Capes… HOW THE FUCK IS THE ONLY ARTIST THAT CAN ACTUALLY PERFORM WELL ON THIS TAPE 21 SAVAGE!?!?!?! What the hell Travis Scott, Gucci Mane, and while I’m not a huge fan Young Thug… how do you flop on this record? Metro Boomin delivers solid production but a majority of the features really suck on this project and Kodak Black sounds the worst anyone has ever heard him on a track. Seriously, this is just upsetting. Wifisfuneral’s new 4 track project is also forgettable and he really brings nothing to the table here. XXL Freshman my ass, you should’ve given it to Shakewell since he at least delivered a singular good track. I don’t see Wifisfuneral making it any bigger than he already is. Takeoff delivered

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Jesuit Music during the Reductions

I just found this… here is something in the meantime… enjoy!   What was the impact of music on the Natives in the Reductions in the sixteen and seventeen hundreds   The discovery of the New World hundreds of years ago sparked a necessity amongst Europeans to explore further into the world and deeper into the lands they had already discovered for better or for worse. After analyzing the peoples of these foreign lands, the Europeans set off to establish colonies where they would attempt to trade and establish a government to rule over them, in some cases the Europeans would trade common items, such as flour, in return for Native people that would become slaves working for the Europeans. As the journeys abroad become more frequent, the Society of Jesus saw an opportunity to send missionaries abroad and attempt to evangelize many of the local peoples. To gain attention from the Natives, showing European art and music was found

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Ghostemane – N/O/I/S/E Quick Review

On Ghostemanes latest release, he wears his influences on his sleeve and shows a bit more of the hardcore side of him. The album is really obscure and fit for spooky season as it contains some dark, ambiance on some tracks. The album flows really well, however, when it comes to the memorability and quality of the track, I’m arguing this is his worst release. Flesh, the single to the album, is arguably the best of the bunch here and mixes well with the Nine Inch Nails inspired production and instrumentation applied throughout the album. It’s also the most memorable and appealable to a majority of listeners who enjoyed his previous material. The rest of the album is a bit messy and seems like filler tracks, with some poor songwriting. Trenchcoat is a good example of this as Ghostemane basically pulls a Gucci Gang here. Overall I’d give this a 4-4.5/10 and I will still be looking forward to what

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