Vince Staples and JPEGMAFIA Concert Review

A couple of months ago I attended a Vince Staples and JPEGMAFIA concert, both of which I am a fan of. Their most recent releases I have very positive opinions of and was pretty excited to see how Peggy performs live. It was also my second time seeing Vince, I went to see Tyler, the Creator live a year ago and Vince might have co-headlined the tour.

An artist by the name of Kotari Walker opened the night up, he played probably 5 songs that really were not that memorable and maybe 3 minutes long max. This guy spent more time talking to the crowd about how he became a rapper and his brother’s death than playing anything that makes him distinct.

The highlight of the night for me was JPEGMAFIA, whose latest album Veteran I gave album of the year for 2018. I now have a vinyl copy the album signed twice which is pretty great, the vinyl is bright pink and I cannot wait to hear what it sounds like. Peggy performed a handful of songs off Veteran including Germs which I found hilarious as he said to the crowd, “This is an awful piece of music!” Thug Tears was another song he performed, and if one were to have seen his COLORS performance of it they could get a gist of how Peggy performs live. Screamed vocals and high energy from his vocals throughout every song, on stage he runs from each side and occasionally jumps into the crowd. About mid-way through his set, he did a freestyle that he somewhat memorized, it seemed to me that everything he did on stage was improvised especially that night as he said at the beginning of the show he had consumed 2 edibles prior. He also stated that he had a lot of new music that he couldn’t show anyone, hopefully, we can expect a new JPEG project in the near future.

The final act of the night was Vince Staples since I had already been to one of his shows before I was looking forward to hearing songs off of his project FM! Fortunately, Vince played a good portion of that album live, songs like Fun and relay were definitely a few highlights of the night. He did perform his songs Blue Suede and Seniorita again, giving pretty solid performances of each song, however, Vince wasn’t as energetic as JPEGMAFIA on stage. What makes up for this lack of energy is the stage set up itself, with multiple tv screens that showed what the crowd was doing next to writing that said: “Smile, you’re on camera.”

A good majority of the night was packed with banger after banger from Jpeg and Vince, who both have a handful of these bass driven songs to offer an audience. I will definitely be looking forward to seeing them live again, especially JPEGMAFIA since I think he could’ve used more stage time.

Music Critic and Historian.

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