Rock Ensemble @ Le Moyne: Concert Review

About a week ago, I was invited to watch the Rock Ensemble at Le Moyne perform a handful of songs that they have been rehearsing for some time now. Unfortunately, I couldn’t stay for the entire performance, however, the small bit I was able to see sounded pretty great.


There is one issue I personally had at the performance, the cello and violin were drowned out by the guitars and percussion. Throughout the entire first song, I could watch these instrumentalists play the songs on their instruments but, not hear a single note from them. My seat was placed directly in front of them and a speaker, neither of which made any real difference. This was most likely a technical difficulty and doesn’t bug me enough to say anything bad about the show because I did enjoy what I was hearing.

A student by the name of Sebastian killed it on guitar, anyone that hears him play can easily tell he’s put his 10,000 hours in. The performance of Lonely Boy by The Black Keys was a highlight for me, love the song itself and I think the Ensemble really nailed it. The vocal performances throughout the night were also pretty great too, I think each individual one did a great job singing on the tracks they chose.


Nicholas added a wide variety of other percussion instruments to the performance, however, the energy he had on stage was amazing. No matter how intense the song could be, you could look over and see him with a big smile running around hitting cymbals or using shakers. At some moments you could even see Nick holding four or five shakers of all types, definitely made the show more enjoyable than it already was.


I think the only disappointment was the mixing of the strings into the live set, I think they should’ve been a bit louder. I enjoyed the performances of each song I was able to stay for and wish I didn’t have to leave early.


Thanks to Ed Ruchalski for letting come to the event at an earlier performance.

Music Critic and Historian.

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