Review: Hi This Is Flume ( Mixtape) by Flume

Hi This Is Flume might just be one of the best EDM projects anyone is gonna hear all year.


Flume is an Australian electronic artist well known for combining elements from other underground EDM genres to create a unique sound of his own. His debut project contained elements of wonky, downtempo, electropop, and with each new project many more. Skin is Flumes most popular release, containing the hit song Never Be Like You featuring Canadian singer Kai. You may remember that one from the minimalist yet industrial production, but that album did feel unfinished with some songs feeling in need of more editing. The two Skin Companion EP’s provided some minor experimentation but had a more fleshed out feel to them. This new mixtape shows flume diving into each of these genres to a further extent with more experimentation and creative ideas, making this project less commercial than his previous.


This is pretty fantastic.


The harsh industrial sounds are abundant throughout this entire EP providing some bizarre while extremely impressive production at points. Mixing abrasive sounds with dreamy, intergalactic, and at times lo-fi tones from synths that end up coming together pretty well. The one thing this project has over his previous material is that it transitions from track to track really well, feeling more like a live set that a mixtape. In addition to this, this project contains some wild percussion especially with the artists Eprom featuring on a few of these songs to give them more character.


The features are all really great on here two, matching well with the crazy instrumentals and bizarre genre choices. The track High Beams with slowthai is an industrial trap banger, mixing in bright and wonky synth arpeggios to switch the song up a bit. Slowthai also gives a pretty great grime performance over the beat as well, standing out pretty well. JPEGMAFIA sounds like he had a blast recording How To Build A Relationship as he seems to joke around a bit at the end of the track, delivering bizarre rap lyrics through his aggressive flow which has come to be a signature part of him as an artist. In addition to that, his impact on the production provides beat switch-ups that illustrate what some of Peggy’s material sounds like. Flume and Eprom Remix SOPHIE’s Is It Cold In The Water? Showing great chemistry together with each artists mixing their own stylistic touches. This also applies to their other collaborative song Spring but, the final track ends on a more glitchy and wild note and has completely different elements than the song previously mentioned. Kučka and SOPHIE also come together on the song Voices and deliver memorable performances although they feel a bit short.


Amber may be one of the few songs on the track that feels like a B-side from one of his previous projects which may be one thing I can say I dislike about the song. I still do enjoy this track a lot though as it follows the ending from the previous track Daze 22.00, if you find the time to listen to this project you may want to turn down the volume towards the end of this song.


I could go on and on about each individual song’s impact toward making this mixtape great but they all come together and play off of one another to make this album an enjoyable listen that constantly keeps changing in order to draw your attention from whatever you’re doing. This also Flume’s hardest/heaviest EDM project to date and I look forward to what Flume delivers in the future as this is my favorite project of his by far. Banger after banger almost and it’s definitely a project to give a listen to if you’re looking for something different or into EDM.


The Good: Ecdysis, High Beams, Jewel, Dreamtime, Is It Cold In The Water Remix, Voices, Wormhole, Mud, Amber, 71m3, Vitality, Daze 22.00, Spring


The Mediocre: Upgrade


Rating: 8/10

Music Critic and Historian.

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