Review: Black Album by Weezer

Weezer released the Black Album a couple of weeks ago, unfortunately, it’s how I expected it to turn out.


Now, I go into each album, EP, or any other format of music with an open mind. I still have expectations based on the band’s previous work but, Weezer hasn’t released anything truly notable since the White Album. It makes it hard to expect anything other than at least one good song from the act because of the lack of quality I’ve seen from the group. I only wanted one new good song from the band other than the single Can’t Knock the Hustle, and you wouldn’t believe the disappointment I received.


I have one major issue with this album, Weezer’s attempt at making this millennial pop is less worthwhile than Harverd Dropout by Lil Pump. Yes, Lil Pump brought more to the table than Weezer did.


The singles for this album are positioned as the intro tracks and, my stance on them was not as positive with Can’t Knock the Hustle being the one contradiction to this. On this track, Weezer doesn’t disappoint by delivering a song that a contains the good songwriting that Rivers Cuomo is capable of and, overall the track is pretty fun and (somewhat) has a message. I enjoy the instrumentation, it’s catchy and fun with a nice nod towards the early years of the band.


Not every song needs to have great songwriting, if that was the case Soundcloud rap may not have gotten as far as it did/has. However, Zombie Bastards makes absolutely no sense from a songwriting standpoint and its overproduction makes it seem as if Weezer doesn’t care about what they are making as long as it sells. The rest of this album feels much of the same.


In fact, after several listens I can’t necessarily say anything good about the black album due to its lackluster performances, songwriting, at points production, and it’s also kinda cringey. All I’m saying is I wouldn’t wanna be caught listening to this, this album and a majority of its songs will not stand the test of time. Not because it’s bad but it feels fake and combine this with poor songwriting, nobody is gonna actually care for this down the line.


I don’t care for this project now and I definitely don’t think I’ll enjoy it the future either as this project holds nothing of value or represent anything about the group, the world, and/or literally anything.


Maybe getting high on “Chopra” but that’s about it I guess.


The hooks aren’t even great and the sense of fun I’ve gotten from the group off of albums like Pinkerton or any of the other color albums the group has released. The Teal Album was contained a more enjoyable Weezer than presented here.


California Snow started off pretty interesting with the addition of the electronic sounds in the background but, it all changed when I heard the reversed, dynamic drum roll that came off as extremely out of place.


Too Many Thoughts In My Head also started off strong instrumentally but, it isn’t enough to carry Cuomo’s pretty average songwriting he presents here.


Overall this was upsetting, and not really worth anyone’s time.


The Good: Can’t Knock the Hustle


The Mediocre: Maybe bits and pieces of some songs


The Bad: The remainder of the record


Rating: 2/101

Music Critic and Historian.

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