Review: Teal Album By Weezer

Weezer’s Teal Album is a disappointment at best and makes me worried about what to expect from the black album.

This release is nothing but covers of songs that Weezer has enjoyed or taken influence from… I’m assuming. If that’s not the case then these songs were chosen for another reason, that reason being memes. Last year Weezer had their first hit song in about a decade, a cover of Africa by Toto by request from fans. Why Africa? Well, Africa became involved in many memes, probably because it’s a good song from a generation before my generation. Their cover became a summer hit and now Weezer felt the need to release the Teal Album and it’s…

Not good.

To start off some of the song choices here aren’t necessarily bad picks, however, some of the choices also feel like they were picked because of the potential to meme Weezer back onto the charts. Primarily the first four tracks to this record, while each of the original recordings is great, as time has gone on these tracks have aged and now fit into that same category that Africa by Toto fits in, we can call them Meme songs. These songs aren’t memes necessarily but if you have any knowledge of memes you may know what I’m talking about here. I don’t hear anyone bumping Sweet Dreams at college parties but I have observed people singing Take On Me just to be cringy.

Africa is the intro track to this new surprise release and my thoughts on this song have changed over time. My initial reaction was biased because memes but, I enjoyed the guitars on the chorus, however, take away the guitars on the chorus and the song sound exactly the same. I guess if you like covers that try to be exactly like the original than yeah this song is great, but if you cover a song from decades ago and you don’t necessarily fit into the same genre as them I expect to hear some distinct differences besides what seems like poor production.

The production on this album is pretty bad, the mixing of the synths is awful, making the synths come out as fuzzy and at some points too focused. For example, the cover of Sweet Dreams has the synth in the forefront which mutes out the guitars and bass. The vocals and pretty much every instrument feel isolated from one another.

Allow me to skip to what I feel is the worst track off of this release, and I’m talking about Weezer’s cover of Paranoid. The vocals on this track are complete ass, trying to hard to make Rivers sound exactly like Ozzy and it comes off messy and amateur. Furthermore, this track sounds like a demo cut, It’s one of the worst things I’ve heard so far in 2019 and I listened to Future for an hour.

The last two tracks are covers of Billie Jean and Stand By Me, the latter being originally recorded by Ben E. King. The Stand By Me cover isn’t anything special and it’s not a great track to close on. Billie Jean, on the other hand, the only problem I have is the guitars and I think it’s one of the songs that Weezer was right to cover but, it’s nothing too special in my eyes.

The tracks No Scrubs and Mr. Blue Sky are fairly good covers in my opinion and made listening to this album not as much of a loss. Weezer’s energy and sound mix well on Mr. Blue Sky making that what I feel is the best cover off of this album, Weezer picked a good song to match their style. The Same goes for the cover of TLC’s No Scrubs.

All I have left to say about this release is this is how you take a joke too far

The good: No Scrubs, Mr. Blue Sky

The mediocre: Billie Jean, Everybody Wants to Rule The World, Sweet Dreams

The bad: Africa, Take On Me, Paranoid, Happy Together, Stand By Me

Rating: 3/10

Music Critic and Historian.

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