Future and Sharon Van Etten Review

Two albums this week I listened to showed me how to create a good album. I will be reviewing and comparing Future’s The Wizrd and Sharon Van Etten’s Remind Me Tomorrow. Why? Well, future may just take number one on the billboard due to streaming and popularity especially in the current trap-rap trend while Sharon Van Etten may not even chart, however, one of these albums is not like the other and I bet you already know that.

Future is several albums deep into his career and his most recent release is by far one of the worst trap rap records you could ever listen to. The problem I have with reviewing this record is that there is nothing to say, It is just another rinse repeat record for Future to rack up streaming numbers and make him and his label money. I didn’t even find a track I enjoyed, I almost fell asleep actually and this is a rap album, not a classical number. Each track sounds the exact same being filled with mediocre deliveries from Future and even the producers. It feels like no one who worked on this project cared at all and it ends up being one of the blandest, boring, and generic rap record probably of all of 2019. I’ll take the risk of saying that.

Future released a terrible album, what does that have to do with Sharon van Etten you might be asking. Well, Sharon Van Etten just released what I think is her best-written record and most emotional yet. In comparison to future, she has everything he doesn’t, she’s capable of pushing boundaries, creating atmospheric instrumentals that set the tone for Sharon’s passionate deliveries. Future made generic trap rap that he’s already made before, everything future does on his project has already been done by him or someone who has taken influence from him. Yes, he didn’t do anything new or interesting at all, repeating flows and sounds he’s already used on numerous projects before. Sharon, on the other hand, created an atmospheric synth-pop release which is overwhelmed by the pure emotion, you can actually hear and feel the emotion in her voice. The tone of Remind Me Tomorrow is dark but even that can’t stop the powerful deliveries both instrumental and vocally. Even from a production standpoint, this record is better than Futures.

Sharon Van Etten obviously has a better songwriting ability and awareness, unlike Future. However, I don’t dislike Future for that. I’m actually all for artists who try to make music just for fun, in fact, I enjoyed DS2 and other albums made by his contemporaries. The problem I have with this record regards the current trend going on within the current trap scene currently. Major artists such as Drake, Logic, and especially Migos all make albums that stretch to an hour that are filled with filler tracks in order to boost streaming numbers. It’s a smart tactic but not great for the genre or even music as a whole. Kanye West may have been onto something when he made multiple 7 track albums in 2018, many of his releases were great with one of which even made it to my top 5 albums of 2018. If an artist is gonna take an hour of my time at least make it interesting.

With this being said, I’m not a fan of the Future release at all, Sharon Van Etten’s release is more surprising, interesting, and creative. Let me know how you felt about these releases.

Future: 1/10 Sharon Van Etten 8/10

Music Critic and Historian.

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