Concert Review: Medasin

Seeing a live performance is a great experience, but when every act is the same a listener is left with not much to say about the acts. I attended a show at the Westcott Theater where Medasin was the headlining act, the openers gave me something to talk about it.

The first 3 performances form H0RCH, Weiss Wersa, and HICK3Y were all playing a collective of Trap, Dubstep, and other EDM music styles that didn’t leave much room for personality or uniqueness in their performance or sound. A problem in modern music that I see every day, what makes these few people different from everyone else playing the same material? What makes a record label or listener like me view these acts as something people are interested in listening to or even worth signing? The answer is nothing and while H0RCH seemed to have some sort of following, he still did not differ as much from the other three, even if I enjoyed what was being played from these 3.

Joey Pecoraro, on the other hand, changed the concert up a bit, playing lo-fi hip hop and EDM off his computer and keyboard. Every artist did this but Joey was playing his keyboard live to the drum beat and backing instrumentation off his laptop. Joey has accumulated millions of views on youtube for what he does and he deserves it since his approach to a live performance differs from these guys, and he also somewhat has a sound and style throughout most of his music.

Medasin performed a mix of his material and remixed popular EDM and rap music that many of the people there, including me, can enjoy. This made Joey stand out as the most unique artist of the night and probably the best artists as well. However, Medasin performed the best out of the Edm heavy acts primarily due to the song choices and great timing of doing transitions, a problem each of the opening acts ran into.

With this being said, having a unique sound or style in either your music or live performances is necessary, that’s what I’ve taken away from this show.

Music Critic and Historian.

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