Top 5 Albums Of The Year


Video stops at 6:30, I messed up in rendering process. Video was also recorded a day or two after Christmas.


5. Sophie – Oil of Every Pearl’s Un-Insides

Definitely one of the most in your face EDM records of the year, give it a listen. The album lures you in on the intro track with beautiful production followed up by the harsh EDM track Ponyboy that you can’t ignore. Track for track this record doesn’t disapoint and Sophie delivers great, cutting edge material on each song.

4. Denzel Curry – Taboo

This record paints a picture of the current rap scene and the problems within it, focusing on the evils of the music industry as well. From a lyrical and production standpoint, this album is fantastic with each track having its own meaning or message from one of Soundcloud raps pioneers.

3. Daughters – You Won’t Get What You Want

This release from the noise rock band is one of the best comeback records I’ve ever heard. Great Production, excellent delivery, along with a record that takes a listener on a journey from start to finish. It’s difficult to describe this album because of how much artistry went into each little bit of each track. a very focused release from a band that didn’t make a record in nearly a decade.

2. Kids See Ghost – Self Titled

This is by far Kanye and Kid Cudi’s best performance on any record yet. Especially the story of each individual leading up to this release, every song is great and is easily one of the best projects from each artist and best projects of the year.

1. Jpegmafia – Veteran

Jpegmafia’s Veteran is amazing, the production on each track mixes great with Peggy’s delivery. The album has some funny one-liners here and there but the raw sound of Jpegmafias bars and vocal performances really bring the album together. The beats are for the most part seem outlandish since they can be crazy at points, such as the track Real Nega or Baby I’m Bleeding. The disgusting parts of American politics are thrown in throughout the LP in a creative and off the wall way that creates an album that can’t be ignored. This album is the most substantial release of 2018.

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