Review: STOKELEY By Ski Mask The Slump God

Ski Mask The Slump God is arguably one of the most underrated and promising voices and rappers of the current SoundCloud and overall rap game today. His new album, however, is his most lackluster and messy release to date.

Ski blew up alongside XXXtentacion and with X dead, this album would have his influence all over it. While I am a fan of X, his discography is lackluster, underwhelming, and messy with his LP’s being awful or a mixed bag of mediocre tracks. I prefer X’s Revenge release and his singles scattered throughout all media platforms. Ski, on the other hand, is the opposite. Ski is better than X in my opinion, give me all the hate.

You Will Regret was a fantastic Debut from Ski as it contained some memorable, grimy production with crazy flows containing witty, funny bars and wordplay. The reloaded version added Catch Me Outside and Take A Step Back with X, both of which are some of the most iconic bangers released from these guys making that project better. Overall You Will Regret showed everyone the potential Ski Mask had.

Beware The Book Of Eli released earlier this year and it is awesome, the experimentation and growth of Ski as an artist is outstanding. While it is roughly 20 minutes long Ski delivers absurd flows with weird production that turned heads for many, he is still someone to keep an eye on.

STOKELEY is underwhelming, however, Ski takes too much influence from X on a handful of these tracks.

On So High Ski adopts that X influence and tries to make something you could’ve heard off of ? by X. The instrumental is great but Ski singing on a track is from left field and it illustrates the versatility the Florida rapper has. It’s the best song where he sings on this debut LP. The next track Nuketown isn’t bad until Juice Wrld shows up.

Let’s get this straight, screaming in rap can be executed well. For example, $uicideboy$, XXXtentacion, Scarlxrd etc. can pull it off and make it enjoyable. Juice Wrld sounds like he is imitating ZillaKami and it’s bad… like REALLY bad. This is the worst I’ve heard from the guy. Stick to the Autotuned emo rap people know you for Juice. Speaking of, LA LA sucks because of those poorly mixed screams Ski does, however, his rapping and the beat aren’t terrible.

Foot Fungus is great because it shows listeners what Ski likes musically and how he is versatile, capable of performing on either a banger or your average rap track. The Drop It Like Its Hot sample is great and brings some character into the first portion of this project. By the way, this album has some hilarious bars. I think I forgot to mention that Ski is one funny guy, on this track he says “Ma’am I’m makin’ green eggs and ham, bitch you know I am”

It’s dumb humor but as a fan of the guy, this is common from the Slump God and I enjoy it.

Unbothered and Adults Swim are two other tracks that show off Ski’s skill with flow, however, Adults Swim is… decent. I respect the minimalist production on this track but there isn’t much substance here to make it memorable, unlike Unbothered where Ski’s chemistry with the beat is great and mix well. In addition, Unbothered has some memorable bars on it whether they are funny or not.

Lil Baby outshines Ski on Far Gone due to Ski’s approach to delivery on the song and it’s the X inspired sung/rap stuff, it’s okay I guess. I do enjoy some of the funny bars here from Ski but it’s not enough, Lil Baby carries a song for once.

The later portion of this album picks up to the point where this is the part of the album that matters.

Get Geeked and Reborn To Rebel are both quality tracks that show two sides to Ski’s approach to the current rap scene. Get Geeked has a commercial trap approach to it, however, Ski can hold his ground and create a catchy track. On the other hand, Reborn to Rebel has an aggressive sounding Ski on it that mixes well with the beat.

The best track and most defying song on the album is Faucet Failure. Ski’s throws witty and funny bars throughout the whole song, giving the sense that he has a personality, unlike Gunna. The flow on this track is decent and is a memorable song from this debut. If you wanna introduce someone to the Slump God, show them this track.

U and I is the most tolerable of the X inspired songs besides So High but, I don’t think Ski is as good at singing than rapping.

Cat Piss is another one of the tracks I can’t recommend since the Lil Yachty feature outshines Ski. Ski has a good flow but there’s nothing memorable here besides that making a dissappointing track.

Overall I think Ski’s next project will be better since the death of X was an emotional event for Ski since the two were extremely close this was a forced release. Not satisfactory but there are some highlights here. He’s also one of the best artists coming out of the SoundCloud scene. There’s something missing on STOKELEY and ill leave it at that.

Rating: 6/10

Good: Foot Fungus, Unbothered, Get Geeked, Reborn to Rebel, Faucet Failure, So High

Mediocre: Adults Swim, Far Gone, U and I, Cat Piss, Nuketown

Bad: LA LA


Note: This is an edited version.

Music Critic and Historian.

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