Mashup Review… Not Good Releases

So a handful of artists and albums are gonna be mentioned here and none of which are really good projects.

First of is a mediocre to decent project from Metro Boomin, Not All Heroes Wear Capes… HOW THE FUCK IS THE ONLY ARTIST THAT CAN ACTUALLY PERFORM WELL ON THIS TAPE 21 SAVAGE!?!?!?! What the hell Travis Scott, Gucci Mane, and while I’m not a huge fan Young Thug… how do you flop on this record? Metro Boomin delivers solid production but a majority of the features really suck on this project and Kodak Black sounds the worst anyone has ever heard him on a track. Seriously, this is just upsetting.

Wifisfuneral’s new 4 track project is also forgettable and he really brings nothing to the table here. XXL Freshman my ass, you should’ve given it to Shakewell since he at least delivered a singular good track. I don’t see Wifisfuneral making it any bigger than he already is.

Takeoff delivered a really forgettable solo album as well, while some of what he is doing on here is way better than what Quavo delivered, this album isn’t all that great. However, Takeoff has always been not the best guy for a chorus or hook, and with this being said, the bars on this album are pretty good but backed by mediocre production so I can’t really defend Takeoff here… and to think he was the best Migo, maybe Offset can deliver something notable.

Oh and this new Lil Peep Posthumous release is decent but really not worth me writing a review on since it wasn’t too terrible and it wasn’t good. In addition, what is there to really say about him that hasn’t already been said.

At least FM! was a quality rap album.

Music Critic and Historian.

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