FM! By Vince Staples Quick Review

FM! Is a short but fantastic piece of work in rapper Vince Staples discography. The album is formatted to sound like you are listening to a rap radio station, with interludes of other artists performing songs on the track. Vince pulls through on a lot of these delivering quality bars and great flows that overall make this album at 22:16 a fantastic listen. While the songs are short, this album contains a lot of great features and production creating what feels like a short playlist, along with making the listener feel like they are listening to an actual radio station. Each song flows together very well, being transitioned from the radio station to tracks with good hooks as well, probably his most catchy and greatest project to date. I don’t really have a p[roblem with most of these tracks and actually, enjoy the interludes which add a nice touch to this album. Definitely give this a listen if you are a fan of rap music with quality lyricism.

Rating: 8/10

Music Critic and Historian.

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