Quick Review: Big Juice Tha Sip By Shakewell

Okay, this Leglock video has been recommended for me to watch for months on youtube and yesterday I figured why the hell not. I discovered that Leglock slaps and I missed out, however, I took a listen to his album…

So this is a mixed bag but I guess a good intro to who Shakewell is as an artist but, there is nothing really memorable here. Leglock stands out but the rest of the album isn’t anywhere near attention grabbing like Leglock. The reason I decided to quickly review this was to show an example of what isn’t great and why quality matters in music. Personally, I don’t mind some of what he does on a few of these other tracks but in a week I’ll forget about them. As an artist, replay value and longevity of an album or song Are necessary to success and Shakewell brings potential but not enough character to make him stand out from the rest of the rap scene, especially the underground rap scene.

Rating: 4/10

Music Critic and Historian.

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