Review: Am I A Girl? By Poppy

Poppy is an internet sensation and “Pop” star (hehe) who blew up over her really obscure youtube videos a few years back. Along with this, through the help of Titanic Sinclair, Poppy breached into the music scene and, has run into some legal troubles over what is basically her persona.

For those who don’t know, Poppy’s persona is an internet made girl or AI (I’m honestly not so sure anymore) discovering humans. Obviously, this isn’t true but she has stuck with this persona and continues to act this way throughout interviews as well… and her appearance at award ceremonies. Yeah… she apparently showed up to some event with a few gimps not so long ago and if that doesn’t tell you how weird she is then go watch the hundreds of videos shes made on youtube, they are very creepy.

Onto the music!

So Poppy’s Bubblebath project came out in 2016 and, It was an okay release that primarily contained some bubblegum-pop and synth-pop tracks. There was still much development needed on some of these tracks, however, her debut would change that.

Poppy.Computer was released last year and it’s way more fleshed out than her previous project, expanding on the synth-pop, and even building on the persona. Some of the tracks off of her debut were a bit more human than others, leaving the album to be a bit messy but overall a decent album that contains some great tracks. I highly recommend checking out I’m Poppy, Computer Boy, and I suggest staying away from Fuzzy and the acoustic song called Pop Music.

With all this being said, Am I A Girl? is the new release from Poppy and it is… something. There is more experimenting and developed ideas on the Album than her previous as it constructs the persona Poppy has come to be known as further and not straying as much. It also has some fun songs on it with nice synth layered throughout the first half.

Tracks like In A Minute and Fashion After All are some great synth and electro-pop tracks with some catchy choruses and nice production that’s really colorful.

Time Is Up featuring Diplo is another good example of this, however, the songwriting on this track is pretty dark, touching on the topic of human extinction and overpopulation in a negative way, especially when Poppy compares humans to cockroaches. Along with what seems to be an origin story for “Poppy” singing that she was made in a factory and that humankind is gonna go extinct… really dark topics to be singing actually, however, this is well written and pretty great.

Aristocrat featuring Garibay is a nice throwback to her Bubblebath EP in a good way with some nice production and strange lyrics… my head hurts. I guess Poppy was alive during the French revolution and was the “La Comtesse du Poverty” or wife of poverty… for my own mental health, I’m gonna stop trying to understand the lyrics to this thing.

Girls In Bikinis is another novelty but this actually has some lyrics unlike Play Destroy and Is much lighter in tone. When Poppy says “I wanna see boys in Bikinis too” it just really makes you wonder about life and why you’re listening to her music. The same can be said about the first guitar heavy Am I A Girl which questions if Poppy is a boy or girl…

Play Destroy show what happens when Poppy and Grimes come together on a track and it is weird, hilarious, and fantastic. The industrial and nu-metal guitars on this track really make this stand out, making this track more novelty and I love it. To be fair, they aren’t that bad and shocked me because I wasn’t expecting this from this track. Poppy and Grimes both saying It’s time to die!” and “Gonna cut your face and make your favorite toy” over the more mellow sections of the song really bring out this dark and edgy sound.

The Final track X is… Metal! I never thought I’d actually see pop and metal mix like on this track and it is, to say the least. The transition from the brutal heavy metal to the calm chorus back and forth is epic and the guitar solos on this track and throughout the LP are awesome. The Screams on this track are disgusting and the riff is dirty, with Poppy singing “Gimme, gimme bloody, please gimme bloody, You can get down on your knees if you’re naughty” over the main riff…

However, with these highlights, the few low points and unmemorable tracks are here and bring this album down a bit. Hard Feelings is a good example of this since it just feels like somethings missing and Poppy’s delivery on this song isn’t as great.

The Rapture Ball is another synth-heavy track and usually, I’m a sucker for synth-heavy drops in electronic heavy songs but, this one just wasn’t hitting me for some reason. Also, Poppy is singing about not going to prom but she was just singing about dancing during the fall of Versailles… why are you upset about not going to prom?!

Chic Chick is probably the worst track primarily due to the light tone over Poppy responding to haters… I guess. And don’t forget how out of place and unnecessary the “If you don’t like it suck my dick” sounds. Usually, I’m Anti-censorship and encourage the use of profanity as sometimes it can deliver more of a punch but this is just… so rude and profane.

Overall, this LP delivers a more experimental pop sound with some nice synth-pop and is definitely worth a listen.

Rating: 7/10

The good: In A Minute, Fashion After All, Time Is Up, Aristocrat, Girls In Bikinis, Am I A Girl?, Play Destroy, X

The mediocre: Hard Feelings, Iconic, The Rapture Ball

The bad: Chic Chick

Music Critic and Historian.

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