Review: You Won’t Get What You Want By Daughters




You Won’t Get What You Want by noise rock band Daughters is arguably the best rock album of the decade and best album of the year.

I wanted to do a video but my camera has some wonky thing with it that messes up the video plus other tech issues and honestly, this is quicker probably so screw it.

So this is the first album in a decade from these guys, and it sounds like your favorite serial killer on steroids.

This album is basically a journey and from start to finish and you will not be disappointed as each track flows into each other with a consistent dark sound throughout the whole album. And each artist comes through with the harshest tones possible that overpower the listener from start to finish.

Its dark, well produced, well mixed, abrasive, dense, and overwhelming… I can’t think of anything wrong with this album.

The guitar and drum work is very impressive, experimental, and dark on this album and you can really see this from the intro track, City Song. And the aesthetic from this album fit the Halloween season greatly as this album is scary at points and gives the listener a sense of fear. On the track Satan in the Wait, the lyrics that basically chant “This world is opening up!” made me feel like I was at a cult meeting with no exit doors in sight.

The into is probably my favorite with the constant bass and the occasional snare drum that sounds like a gunshot, just to transitions into the wall of guitars and… it’s just fantastic.

These guys really came forward and brought an album that sticks out from the rest and really blows their whole discography out of the water, especially their debut which is eleven minutes long… I’m not kidding, it’s shorter than the average SoundCloud mixtape.

After a week of listening to this album, it still is as good as the first time and leaves the same impact on me after each listens through the album, which was god… fucking… damn… that was crazy. Listening to this album is like watching every fight scene from the modern marvel movies twice as fast and in IMAX 3D.

To be fair here, I don’t really know what else to say since this album left me speechless and trying to describe my experience with this album and each individual song is very difficult, primarily since each song is amazing and listening to this from front to back was awesome but, terrifying.

Rating: 10/10 Loved it and there is not a single bad track here. Highly recommend.

Music Critic and Historian.

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