Ghostemane – N/O/I/S/E Quick Review

On Ghostemanes latest release, he wears his influences on his sleeve and shows a bit more of the hardcore side of him. The album is really obscure and fit for spooky season as it contains some dark, ambiance on some tracks. The album flows really well, however, when it comes to the memorability and quality of the track, I’m arguing this is his worst release.

Flesh, the single to the album, is arguably the best of the bunch here and mixes well with the Nine Inch Nails inspired production and instrumentation applied throughout the album. It’s also the most memorable and appealable to a majority of listeners who enjoyed his previous material.

The rest of the album is a bit messy and seems like filler tracks, with some poor songwriting. Trenchcoat is a good example of this as Ghostemane basically pulls a Gucci Gang here.

Overall I’d give this a 4-4.5/10 and I will still be looking forward to what Ghoste comes out with since he has a unique voice and style when it comes to this metal inspired trap genre that I call “Death-Trap.” And I also think this was Ghoste trying to experiment a little bit here and he most likely has other material that is more rap heavy coming, as far as I know of course.

Music Critic and Historian.

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